About Lilac & Grace Boutique

Thank you for shopping at our online store! We hope to see you visit our storefront in Arlington, WA sometime soon! Lilac & Grace Boutique strives to bring you fun, fashionable, trendy, and flattering clothing, accessories & Home decor at a great price. 

For years I have dreamed of starting a boutique that offers stylish clothing for every size woman. I want every woman to wear our clothing feeling like they can conquer the world. No matter your size, I want all eyes to be on you when you walk into a room wearing Lilac & Grace Boutique clothing, shoes & accessories. I want all your girlfriends asking, "Where did you get that?!" 

I put together a team and the dream began to be brought to life. Then, me and my team got to thinking, what else do we find ourselves splurging on regularly? Home Goods. I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a store and spent hundreds of dollars on holiday decor, yet another sign for my home, more mugs with cute sayings, etc. Then once these items are home, my vision being brought to life with that "So good to be home" sign on my living room wall. Listening to my husband complain, "Another sign? Really?" or "Another mug? How many do we need?" But then when guests come over and they compliment on how cute your home is your husband says, "Thanks!" 

With some extensive work and a few months later, we had everything we needed! We launched September 1, 2020 and so our journey begins! 

We want to thank you again for supporting Lilac & Grace Boutique. Follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook @lilacandgraceboutique to watch us grow. We love you and hope that you enjoy your experience with Lilac & Grace Boutique as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.